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Nuxt GraphQL Authentication With Strapi

GraphQL has changed the way we think about API endpoints and is quickly becoming an important layer in the development stack for contemporary web apps. If you are using GraphQL in your Nuxt.js project there will likely come a time when you will need to authenticate a user to protect content in your GraphQL queries. We walk through using GraphQL to authenticate a user in a Nuxt app with Strapi as our authentication provider.

Gatsby Authentication With

Gatsby is a Static Site Generator that is lightning fast because of the static site files that can be minified and served through a content delivery network. Since all of the pages in Gatsby are rendered as static content, user authentication to your Gatsby site can’t be performed on the server but must be protected through client side routing. This tutorial will walk you through setting up client side Authentication in Gatsby and how to manage logged in users in your Gatsby app.

Strapi Mailchimp Service Add Contact to List

Strapi is rapidly growing headless CMS solution that is open source and self hosted to allow you customization and flexibility for your backend API service. One advantage of Strapi is the ease of scaffolding an API to expose endpoints that can be used as micro-services in your front-end or JAMStack application. Today we will do […]

Strapi Ecommerce Product Variations Generator is a widely popular Headless CMS that continues to grow in popularity. If you’ve read some of our other blogs such as Migrating a WordPress Blog to Strapi you know that we are bullish on the Strapi platform. We recently worked with a company to create which is a an ecommerce website specializing […]

Building a Website with Gatsby and Strapi CMS

If you’ve read our article on JAMStack Technology you know we are a big proponent of the Headless CMS model. Two big players in the Headless CMS space are – a backend Headless Content Management System – and Gatsby.js – a front-end React framework for building blazing fast websites. If you put these two […]

Strapi Change Admin Password in Mongo Database is a Headless CMS system that offers robust user and permissions out of the box including: user registration, user login, user password reset and user roles. The user password reset works by using a generator that generates a one time code to send to the user’s email and in which you can use to […]

Migrating a WordPress Blog to Strapi is quickly becoming one of the most popular Node.js back-end frameworks and headless CMS solutions. It allows you to quickly scaffold your API routes and comes with user roles and permissions for your endpoints out of the box. We have been using Strapi since alpha release and over the last couple of years have been migrating WordPress instances to the Strapi platform. See how you can migrate your WordPress blog to a Strapi headless CMS in one of our recent posts.