Top 5 Reasons we use WordPress as the CMS of choice for our clients

July 3rd 2014

1. Content Administration

If you have ever spent any time managing a WordPress site you have already got a taste of the ease of use for a site administrator. By default, WordPress comes pre-configured with the TinyMCE editor which is a user friendly rich text editor that is brings a “Microsoft Office” feel to web content editing. To make WordPress administration even better, there has been a recent advancement in content editing with the rising of Visual Composer — a WordPress plugin that brings front-end editing capabilities to the web.

2. Extendability

There are over 32,000 free plugins in the plugin directory alone, not to mention all the premium plugins that you can find all over the web. Here’s a list of our 5 favorite WordPress plugins.

3. Community

WordPress has a great community of contributors that share knowledge and resources. It’s like a tribe that works better together than they do as individuals.

4. SEO

Out of the box WordPress has displayed great response by search engines. Because it leverages industry standards in HTML and schematic markup the search engines applaud it’s approach.

5. Design

There are a lot of great designs that can be leveraged to make your site wow your users. Consumer confidence is huge online and it all starts with the aesthetics of your site.