Tips for Local Fargo Business Websites

October 24th 2014

At Hash Interactive we take pride in our local website development. As a local start up business in Fargo, North Dakota we understand how hard it is in the beginning to get up and running with the essentials. We try to lean on other businesses for help and make sure they put us in the position to grow and produce revenue.

Here is a list of a couple tips on what to think about when completing a quality local business website.

1. The Four Most Important Pieces of Information Consumers Want from a Local Business Website:

Top Web Design Local Important factors

2. Here are some things to think about when people are evaluating your website.

Attitudes Towards Local Website Design

3. What do people care about when landing on your website?

What does Fargo think about your Website

4. What makes people want to use a website the most?

Local Website Usage Factors

5. Finally some pro tips to evaluate before you launch your website. 


Final Thought:

We developed a site for Northern Home Furniture in Downtown Fargo.  We ask ourselves, if we are the consumer what are the top things we are looking for.  Here is what we came up with.

1. Directions

2. Contact Info

3. Hours

4. Is this place in business?

5. What does the building look like?

6. Does the design represent the quality of the brand?

7. Is it easy to access the phone number and address on your phone?