Search Engine Optimization

February 11th 2015

Everyone knows to be a successful company; you have to have an online presence. With smart phones being used by the masses and the ease of online shopping, it’s an essential part of your business and a great way to land customers. So why is an online presence essential? One, it gives you instant credibility. We’ve all been to websites that look terrible and are outdated. We don’t trust them. We don’t buy from them. We as a consumer want to be assured that we’re safe . Plus we want to make sure what we are purchasing is really what we’re getting. You need a website that looks great to give you credibility whether you have a large business or just a handful of employees. Your first impression will go along way. Secondly it’s how 90% of people find you. Whether it’s your location, business hours, or what products you have available, everyone is on the web and constantly searching for what they want.

Not only is credibility a must with your website, making sure it is search engine optimized is also crucial to a successful online presence. Let’s take a look at Royal Jewelers, a Fargo based jewelry store. While building Royal Jewelers website, the main goal for them was to rank high on search engines. As competitive and over saturated as the jewelry industry is, the only way to get found is to be at the top. If you’re not being found by search engines, meaning ranking on the first page, you’re not being found. Through Search Engine Optimization, Royal Jewelers has an average ranking of 2 on Google. Keywords such as; watches fargo, engagement rings fargo, and bridal jewelry fargo rank at the top of Google. By ranking at the top of Google, Royal Jewelers has been able to capitalize on new customers.

So what’s the solution to ranking high on Google? Follow the rules. Seems simple right? We have found it to be as simple as following the rules that Google has laid out for us. Whether it be labeling an alt tag properly, or making sure that we have good backlinks, Google has a playbook for you to optimize your search engine results. Google has provided the tools necessary through its Webmaster tools to help you rank high as well. So no more excuses on why you’re not ranking high or being found, follow the rules and you too will be as successful on Google as Royal Jewelers.