Online Marketing Strategy

July 28th 2015

Putting it in Perspective

So you just opened a brand new store with great products/services and a great story to go with it (after all this is your blood, sweat and tears you have put into launching this store).  You’re in a relatively good location downtown, accessible to a lot of shoppers; but because of street side competition, you are tucked behind in the alley.  “No problem” you think to yourself, “once shoppers catch wind they’ll be flocking in the door.”  The first week you get good traffic (albeit most customers  are friends and family who you told about your new venture), but after that the influx of shoppers starts trickling off. “Now what?”, you say out loud as you listen to the echo of your fingers on the counter throughout the empty store.  Hey, I love the Field of Dreams as much as the next guy, but unfortunately “If you build it…” doesn’t guarantee they will come. In fact, 99% of the time they won’t come, heck they don’t even know you exist. Time to start thinking of a marketing strategy.

Your store is your website, with a great product or service to offer and a great story to tell potential customers.  Your site is accessible to anyone, anywhere but just like the store, it’s stuck behind the competition (mostly on the second, third or dare we say 10th page of Google).  Yeah when you launch you will most likely get a traffic spike, but then how do you plan to maintain a constant flow of users?  What’s your marketing strategy? Once these customers come in how do you plan to retain them (or if they don’t become a “buyer” at least retain their information so you can remarket to them)?  With online marketing where do you begin: SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media, PPC, retargeting, display networks, Google local, infographics…the list goes on – and unfortunately changes quicker than most people care to know.  “I’m pretty tech savvy” you say, “I can figure out a Facebook campaign.”  Undoubtably you can! But did you get into business to learn how to setup conversion tracking, optimize your quality score for PPC, design an email template with content that actually gives value to it’s readers, write blog posts, optimize your ranking in the SERPs on Google, decipher your analytics, research industry related keywords? Or did you go into business to make the best product or service you dreamed of and fulfilling a need in your industry? Maybe that’s where we come in.  We do what we do best (get users/customers to you) and let you focus on what you do best (manage your business and product/service).