Knock it out of the park with quality photography!

April 2nd 2015

Did you know that 94% of people cite design (overall look) as a reason they do not trust a site (your business). A major contributing factor to this, which often times gets over looked, is quality photography. It can really make or break a website, and the perception of your business to the public.

Take this for example could you imagine watching your favorite sporting event on a channel that wasn’t HD? Or a nature show on Discovery that wasn’t in HD, you would be appalled and change the channel instantly wouldn’t you? Well the same thing goes for your website. If the user happens upon your site and they don’t like what they see, CLICK! new channel.

Quality photography has a way of bringing people in, photographs have a way of invoking emotions and feelings. Users can glance at a photo and feel a certain way instantly without having to take the time to stop and read text. If an image is impactful it will make the user stop dead in their tracks, and that is the ultimate goal. In this crazy hectic world if you can get someone to pause and take notice that is huge.

Aside from having quality photos, they also need to be optimized for use on the web. Sorry going to get briefly technical with you for a minute. Just because you have a photo on your computer does not mean it is necessarily ready to be placed into your site. Some photos are so large that they can actually bog down your site. Have you ever been to a site and it takes forever to load? (CLICK! new channel) That could be the direct result of photos that have not been optimized for web use. It could be a number of factors but this could be one of them.

At Hash Interactive we value quality photography and that is why we have our own photographer on staff. In a world that constantly consumes images through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the like, we just want to give the viewers something good to snack on.

Here are some examples of photos we have taken for our clients:

You can see more of Jesse’s work HERE