10 great website resources

October 28th 2014

At Hash Interactive we love the fact that there are reliable resources out there to help us not have to recreate the wheel for all aspects of development.  This not only helps us keep our price down for you the customer, but also allows us to build relationships with these resources that allow us to fully utilize their capabilities.  Below are a list of some of our favorite resources that help us help you!

1. Digital Ocean- Setting up our clients on cloud hosting gives us the peace of mind that your site will be running on extremely fast SSD hard drives and will have an uptime of 99.99%.

2. NGINX- NGINX is a high performance HTTP server, delivering web and video assets with unparalleled speed, maximizing performance and efficiency. It is a proven solution for high traffic websites.

3. ManageWP- This tool allows us to manage our clients websites from one location and gives us the ability to make sure everything is updated and backed up on a daily basis.

4. Google Analytics- Knowing how you stack up against your competitors is a crucial part of web development. Analytics lets you know where you stand and what you need to do in order to move up on the search engine ladder.

5. Yoast SEO- If your web pages don’t have the right titles and descriptions, there’s no way for Google to find them and rank them. Yoast SEO makes it easy and does all the hard work behind the scenes for you so you can rank and rank better than your competition.

6. Raven Tools- Raven is an excellent tool for checking every aspect of your site from broken links and analytics all the way to social media and blog content. It is a key component that gives us the upper hand on developing an excellent website from top to bottom.

7. W3 Total Cache- Speed plays a huge role in the web experience. If your site runs slow, your viewers head for the hills. W3 Cache preloads your content and then is able to serve it up at lightning speeds so your users have the best experience possible and keep coming back again and again.

8.  iThemes Security- There are over 30,000 websites hacked everyday. Without the proper tools in place, your site may be vulnerable and could expose your clients valuable data. Security is a top concern for us so we make sure to always use the latest techniques in securing our clients websites.

9. EWWW Image Optimizer- Great websites use great images, but if those images are not optimized for the web, it can create a slow website and a bad user experience. Using an image optimizer compresses those images without a loss in quality and keeps a great user experience.

10. WooCommerce- This is our most used plugin when it comes to building an eCommerce website. This allows us to manage products, prices, variables, shipping, and payment gateways just to name a few. When you are thinking about creating an online store, WooCommerce stands tall against all the competitors.These 10 great website resources help us build the best sites on the web for all of our clients!