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Building a website is easy. However, creating a platform that clearly communicates your core values, engages prospects, converts customers and propels your business to e-commerce success – that requires specialized skills, knowledge and tools. At Hash Interactive, we use practical strategies and techniques to create websites that look great while also offering exceptional usability.

First Impression Impact

The way your website looks is important. It’s the first point of contact between your business and new prospects, so it’s essential to make a lasting first impression.

There are billions of websites competing every day for internet user’s attention. This kind of competition means that having an aesthetically appealing website is no longer just an option, but a very basic requirement.

Visitors judge your business within seconds of landing on your site. So while it’s good to be casual and approachable while interacting with prospects, your website needs to display a high level of professionalism in its design.

Like any other top-performing salesman, your website should look its best to be taken seriously. The truth is, users won’t stick around long enough to see what you have to offer if you don’t demonstrate credibility and authority with your design. In order to see the success you want, your website must be on par with, or better than the top contenders in your industry.

We ensure that your website gives users the best first impression of your business to inspire the confidence they need to do business with you.

Style and Functionality

It doesn’t matter how good your website looks if prospects don’t get what they want from it.

Along with being attractive, your website has to provide an outstanding user experience. This helps to cement your business as an industry leader in your prospect’s mind.

Internet users expect to see a clean, simple and fast interface that also features intuitive navigation. These factors, along with optimized layouts that highlight your products and services, work to increase opt-ins and sales conversions.

Another important element in web design is multi-platform functionality. With more users surfing the web with their mobile phones and tablets, having a responsive design is essential. Consistency is key. It lets your visitors enjoy the same experience no matter which device they use to explore your website.

A well-designed website also enhances SEO naturally with an optimal internal linking structure that helps to inch your website up Google’s and other search engines results pages.

Complete Customization

You’ve worked hard to build your brand and it’s an integral part of all your business activities and communications, so forget cookie-cutter templates and run-of-the-mill website features.

To really stand out in your prospect’s mind, your website needs to have a unique and customized design that reflects the true essence of your business throughout all of its elements. The ultimate web platform seamlessly fuses your message with all aspects of the design, from your logo to your social media buttons.

Enhance this customization even more with carefully selected colors and fonts to make your customer’s experience with your business truly unique.

The total cohesion of your brand and design work together to subtly strengthen customer loyalty while leaving no doubt in your visitor’s mind whose website they’re buying products and services from.

In the fast-paced environment of the internet, things change by the minute. Your website design can go from current to completely obsolete in an instant. Our design team stays on top of web design standards and trends to ensure that your website is developed for maximum appeal in the current landscape.

Integrated Media Options

Today’s internet users expect more than a wall of text in their search for quality information, products and services. They want a captivating and interactive experience that lets them learn and explore through multimedia channels.

Adding various media options to your website increases its accessibility for a broad spectrum of users. It also exposes prospects to your message in several different formats, deepening relationships and their understanding of how your business offerings can enhance their life.

We design websites that integrate a combination of custom graphics, flash animation, images, sound-bites and videos in creative ways that enhance your overall message. This provides your prospects with interesting and media-rich content, and enough variety to always keep them coming back for more.

This is a key factor for your website’s success because the more times your target audience is exposed to your message, the higher the chances are that they’ll join your list to get more information, and that they’ll eventually make a purchase.

A Focus on Highlighting Content

Many web designers forget this simple truth – while the design is the best supporting actor of your website, your content is the real star of the show.

“Striking the right balance between web design and content is a delicate but important job.”

If your content isn’t displayed prominently or if it gets pushed into the background by your website’s design, your prospects won’t find what they’re looking for and will click away, never to return.

Your platform’s design elements should serve to enhance your message, not overpower or distract from it. After all, it’s the content that really connects you with yours prospects and builds the relationships that ultimately generate sales.

An attractive design, while absolutely necessary, is only as valuable as how much it enhances the message behind it.

At Hash Interactive we utilize our high-level design skills and combine them with years of marketing experience to create the ultimate web-based showroom for your content, products and services.

Ongoing Analysis and Optimization

Once your website is built, the work isn’t over. In fact, we believe that it’s at this point that the true journey to ecommerce success actually begins.

With regular support, ongoing audits, analysis and testing, we move forward with the progressive goal of optimizing, enhancing and fine-tuning every element of your website’s performance.

Over time, your results improve and you get maximum ROI for your web design.

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