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At Hash we don’t just want to build you a website, we want to change the way you do business online. Creating or redesigning an E-Commerce application is a huge step for your business. We know, we’ve been there. At Hash we run our own E-Commerce company in house. One Herd is an online store that sells licensed collegiate apparel. In only two years of operation, One Herd has shipped products to all 50 states, and last year reached six figures in sales. Not only can we build the site you need, but we can provide the expertise and direction to get you there.

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The success of an E-Commerce business hinges on the quality of your inventory management system.  We use our knowledge to find a solution that will fit best with your needs.  Implementing a high quality system allows you to view all of your inventory from one location and have a birds eye view of what is going on throughout your entire business.

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At Hash Interactive we take a lot of pride on our design work. We realize that the look of your site, and the messages your company conveys weighs heavily on the consumer and whether or not they deem you a viable company. We constantly keep this in mind to deliver the customer the most visually appealing site we can. Today the consumer is very intelligent, and often times do end up judging a book by it cover, especially when it comes to the web.

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Today there are so many ways to reach your customers that it can be very time consuming and often overwhelming. We have been doing this for sometime now, and we can help guide you on the best route to take based on your companies identity. Certain social media sites may fit your mold and others may not. We can also help advise you on the right times to go the ‘organic’ route and when the best time would be to start using capital for advertising. 

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The web is a crazy place.  Users can access your website from hundreds of different devices and browsers, all of the different technologies can be staggering.  We believe that no matter if customers are using a mobile phone or desktop computer their experience on your site should still be excellent.  Along with your site being adaptable we prioritize keeping technologies up to date and maintaining a high level of security.

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In addition to marketing, you must keep your audience constantly engaged. One way to do that is by email campaigns. They are a great way to intro new products and ideas, as well as keep them informed on new happenings within your company. It is a great way to keep them involved, and give them so insight to your business. By allowing them in like this you are more likely to retain your customers because now they have an intimate view of your company where it is headed, and its values.

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One aspect of E-commerce that can very easily be overlooked, but also take a huge chunk out of your profits is shipping. We have done extensive research in this department, and based on the tools you use we can find solutions for you that will tie them all together. Along with shipping, inventory can be quite the hurdle to jump over, we have found solutions for those as well that can link up to multiple channels to provide your company with speed and efficiency. We can also help you with payment gateways and POS systems as well.

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