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What a ride it’s been. From our sleepless beginnings as a web development company to our evolution into a full-fledged digital agency, we have more gray hairs than people our age should have. Through all the ups, downs, doubts, and successes, we have held tight to our core promise – developing unparalleled solutions collaboratively, transparently, and at the highest quality. With our versatile and diverse team, we proudly specialize in website design and development, digital marketing and advertising, photography & videography, e-Commerce solutions, and app development. Enjoy the ride with us.

Troy Henne

CEO/Digital Strategist

Concordia College – B.S. in Biology/Chemistry B.A. in Spanish

Since he discovered the web, Troy has an insatiable appetite for learning Internet technology. His project resume ranges from small, one page websites to robust Internet applications. In his spare time he enjoys working out, reading and socializing with friends and family.

Nick Schommer

Business Development

North Dakota State – B.S. in Management Information Systems

Nick is the main point of contact between the creative team and the clients. As well as being the project manager for Hash Interactive, Nick will also help with front-end development and quality assurance testing.

Sean Fredrick

Lead Developer

North Dakota State University – B.S. in Computer Science

Sean is the head of development and specializes in server configuration and deployment along with handling the day to day issues of the IT department. He also has experience in application development with both client and server side scripting and other web technologies.

Brandon Sugihara

Lead Designer

Arizona State University – B.S. in Graphic Design

It is Brandon’s responsibility to create eye catching graphics that also convey a clear message to the viewer. Bluntly his goal is to make things look good. Over the last 10 years, Brandon has been gaining experience in the commercial and apparel printing industries.

Tommy Uhlir

Digital Strategist

North Dakota State University – Bachelor’s of Marketing

With a passion for storytelling, I’m dedicated to creating meaningful and memorable experiences between you and your audience.

Jesse Hoorelbeke


University of Louisiana at Monroe – Computer Science

Currently a professional photographer specializing in dramatic portraits of people and their passions. I am constantly trying to improve on my results, and never satisfied with mediocrity in my work and my performance in either field.

Sagar Yarasi

Associate Web Developer

Indian Institute of Technology – Master’s Degree – Geotechnical Engineering

I’m enthusiastic person always trying to learn new things and breaking my limits. I never say no to a new opportunity that comes my way and try to make the best out of every situation. Technology has always been my passion and I love to learn new Programming Languages and put them to use.

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